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Luminous flux convergence, innovation case | 2022 – stone BBS suzhou optical fusion innovation development


The 2022 Xunstone Suzhou Optical Communication Integration Innovation And Development Forum will be held in Suzhou International Expo Center on June 24, bringing together optical communication enterprises and research institutions in the field of photonics in Suzhou and other regions to explore a future industrial development path of optical communication industry integration, communication and innovation.

Optical Communication Convergence Innovation development Forum

ICC Communication light convergence · Total innovation grid!  June 24, 2022 – stone suzhou optical fusion innovation development BBS “will be held in suzhou international expo center, suzhou and other parts of the optical communication enterprises, field of photonics research institutions, to explore a fusion each optical communication industry and creative industry development in the future, welcome the masses of optical communications, optoelectronics, photonics practitioners in the field of attention.

Conference name: 2022 Xunshi Suzhou Optical Communication Industry Convergence Innovation Development Forum

Theme of the conference: Convergence of optical communication · Common Innovation lattice

Organizer: Shenzhen Xunshi Information Consulting Co., LTD

Co-sponsored by: YOE 2022 the 2nd Yangtze River Delta Photoelectric Industry Expo

Meeting time: 2022.06.24

Venue: Conference area, Hall C, Suzhou International Expo Center

Conference Topics:

[Topic 1] Optical technology integration and Innovation

[Topic 2] Development of optical communication industry competitiveness


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Conference Cooperation & Booth Reservation:

Xunshi staff

South China: Miss Chen 15919593430(same wechat number)

North China: Miss Feng 15989420950(same wechat number)

East China: Mr. Lei 18588287357(same wechat number)

It comes as the global high-tech industry faces uncertainties such as supply chain disruptions, rising commodity and energy prices, and continued inflationary pressures driven by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although the lack of core in the global communication industry restricts the deployment process of high-end communication products, the prospect of optical communication industry is still optimistic.  From telecom operators planning for the next 2-3 years, global 5G investment is still at its peak.  The world’s major cloud service providers will enter an expansion cycle starting from 2022, and will increase investment in new server architectures and upgrade networks.  The COVID-19 pandemic has further spurred global service providers to invest in fibre networks.  Major operators in Europe and the United States have announced their investment plans for fiber-optic broadband in the next three to five years, and the Chinese market will also develop gigabit fiber-optic broadband in the fourteenth five years.  Indeed, global trends in the deployment and expansion of fibre networks have never been clearer.

Asstone believes that supply chain bottlenecks will not affect the continued growth of bandwidth demand, 5G investment is still at its peak, cloud vendors continue to expand super large data centers, and global service providers increase investment in fiber broadband networks.  In the next five years, the global optical transmission equipment market will maintain a positive momentum, the compound annual growth rate of the global optical device market is expected to reach double digits, and the average annual growth rate of the global optical cable demand will be more than 5%.  The outlook for the optical communications industry remains positive, but the industry chain needs to continue to innovate to meet the bandwidth, delay, power consumption and overall cost requirements of the next generation network.  Therefore, many key technologies, such as CPO, silicon photonic technology, PAM4 DSP, coherence, 400G/800G, 25.6T/51.2T Ethernet switch, 50G PON, thin film lithium niobate, WSS, etc., have become the key objects of industrial chain innovation and development, which need to be integrated from top to bottom of the industry to break through the common bottleneck of the industry.

If you have key and innovative products to publish, please tell us about them. Welcome to pay attention to the 2022 Xunshi Suzhou Optical Communication Convergence Innovation And Development Forum on June 24!

Post time: May-16-2022